LARK’s New Parent Meet-ups- Fridays at 1pm

Update: The new parent meet ups are now at 1pm (rather than noon) on Fridays.

Hi Friends! The new parent meet ups at LARK have been going strong and have been creating some great new friendships and connections among neighbors and new parents.

Compare notes with other new parents on infant care and soothing, sleep, and nursing, to more open-ended themes like managing expectations and other issues new parents face. Bring your babies and your thoughts, questions, and experiences to share. This group is unfacilitated, so it’s led by all of you!

We feel it’s so important to provide a space for new parents to come together to discuss and seek support from each other on these important issues. Hope to see you all soon!

New Parent Meet-Ups at LARK. Every Friday at 1pm.
1007 Church Avenue Brooklyn NY 11218

11 thoughts on “LARK’s New Parent Meet-ups- Fridays at 1pm

  1. Thanks so much for providing a space for parents to come together. One suggestion is to have the work/life balance meet up on the weekend for all of us full time 9-5ers. One of those work/life challenges is finding time to connect with other parents in the neighborhood.
    Thank you LARK!

    • Hi Laurie- Thanks for your thoughts on this. We are planning to hold a work/life balance workshop/meet-up afterhours or on the weekend. What are your preferred times? I know that the wonderful Rachael Ellison is on board if we can get a group together.

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  4. I respect that you’ve chosen to have the New Parents’ meetups facilitated, but this isn’t of interest to me. I would like to request that the groups end on time so that those of us who prefer an unstructured meet-up can know when to arrive so that we don’t interrupt the group.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback about the friday meetups. It’s so important for new parents to get a chance to connect both facilitated and unfacilitated. I’ll let the facilitators know that there is interest for the group to continue unfacilitated after 1pm. Thanks for your suggestion!

  5. Does this group still meet? How “new” does a new parent have to be? I have a 5-month old…I missed the “new parent” train when it first left the station!

    • Hi Chris, yes they do and you’re welcome to come. They are unfacilitated these days, just a group of other new parents hanging out and discussing all things baby! 5 months is still new, so we welcome you anytime!

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