Ditmas Park 4 Haiti- Preview Paintings on Sale at LARK

Stop by for our Grand Opening Party from 8:30-10pm and preview some amazing artwork from Haitian artists. The Paintings were flown over from Port Au Prince just this morning!


Ditmas Park 4 Haiti is a neighborhood fundraiser for a microfinance project in Haiti, where a small amount of money can make a big difference and improve people’s lives!

Friends of Cortelyou and Ditmas Park 4 Haiti celebrate Haitian art; the microfinance project is approved by Haitian organizations Fonkoze and Zafen.

Haitian Paintings will be exhibited, and available for sale, at the following businesses:

Brooklyn Hearth Realty, Castello Plan, Grace Eyecare, Jennifer’s Beauty World, LARK, Mimi’s Hummus, The Farm on Adderly, Qathra, T.B Ackerson.


Haitian Landscape                                    $250 (SOLD)

Portrait of Man                                          $200

Women & Harvest, with Baskets            $250

Sailboats in Harbor                                    $250

Make checks payable to Friends of Cortelyou.

For more information, go to www.friendsofcortelyou.com

One thought on “Ditmas Park 4 Haiti- Preview Paintings on Sale at LARK

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