The build-up (and build-out)

We have been deliberately coy about revealing too much of the cafe build out because we are aiming for that major ‘WOW factor’ once we do. You’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the final reveal, but now is a great time to reflect on just how far we’ve come!

This was the original storefront when we signed the lease. Not quite love at first sight, but we took the leap anyway:



We could imagine the potential and dreamed up many ideas for the interior. As walls were exposed and demolition began it was strangely beautiful to see the layers of paint and wallpaper that helped tell the story of this old storefront.



Unfortunately none of the original features like the old tin ceiling were in good enough condition to use or even repair. There was extensive water damage that had rusted them so badly and mold had set in as well. Sadly we had to say goodbye to the beautiful tin.


As demolition continued we were stopped in our tracks after we found evidence of termite damage that compromised the structure of the building. We handed the space back over to the landlord for 3 months to work with structural engineers to reinforce and replace the entire floor and much of the joists and beams in the ceiling. After the structure was completely gutted, reinforced, inspected and deemed 100% safe, we were finally able to get our contractors back in to resume the build out of the cafe. And we’ve been busy, busy, busy ever since!


So now you know what we’ve been up to over the last few months. Consider this a little tease before our final reveal. Stay tuned!

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